Frequently Asked Question


Return Policy

While we hope you are satisfied with all of our products, we accept return with return authorization 30 days after purchase. Please review full details for Tadpoles Return Policy.

Shipping Policy

We try to absorb a portion of customer shipping cost to ensure that customers find our products cost efficient. In cases of international shipping and large products such as Moses Baskets, we are limited in the portion of shipping cost we can cover. Shipping cost are calculated at checkout accordingly and non-refundable once an order has shipped. 

Toddler Comforter

Where can I find a duvet cover for Tadpoles Toddler Comforter?
We offer a generous selection of Toddler Duvet Covers, perfectly sized for Tadpoles Toddler Comforter.
What size is the Toddler Comforter?
Our Toddler Comforter measures 40" x 60"
Is this a down comforter?
No. This is a down alternative, filled with puffy polyester batting inside. 



What are Tadpoles Foam Play Mat Sets made of?

Our Play Mats are made of 100% EVA foam. They meet all European and American standards, in particular regarding the chemical formamide.

How many inches thick are play mat pieces?
Play mat thickness ranges from 0.4" - 0.5" thick depending on the play mat set. 

How do I clean my play mats?

Tadpoles Foam Play Mat Sets are easy to clean. Simply wipe using a soft cloth with soap and water. DO NOT use any SOLVENT.

How much square footage will a play mat cover?

4 Piece 24" sets cover 16 square feet.

9 Piece 12" set covers 9 square feet.

9 Piece 18" set covers 21 square feet.

9 Piece 24" set covers 36 square feet.

16 Piece 12" sets cover 16 square feet

36 Piece 12" sets cover 36 square feet

12 Piece Rhombus set covers 8.5 square feet.