Foam Playmat & Baby Blanket Set

$ 39.99

A baby blanket, security blanket, or “blankie” is perhaps the most powerful weapon in a parent’s arsenal. It puts a new baby to sleep, is a great negotiation tool when dealing with the dreaded toddler temper tantrum, and is a transitional object that holds a special place in the heart of any adult who had one as a child. Baby blankets helps a child deal with essential problems of separation.  

Playmats are the perfect base for a baby to learn to crawl, or toddler to take their first steps without fear of falling and hurting themselves. And they are ideal for a colorful floor for a child’s room or playroom. 

Put these items together and you have the perfect gift that will comfort, protect and grow with the young one on your gift-giving list!

(A $50 Value)

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