Tadpoles Home Collaboration Program 2021

Tadpoles Home Collaboration Program 2021 Agreement

In collaboration with Sleeping Partners for Tadpoles brand, I agree to feature the products I receive on my Instagram, blog, and/or other applicable social media. 


  • Within 30 days of receiving your collaboration product: Minimum 3 posts per item
  • Tagging @tadpoleshome 
  • Posting the following hashtags #babyproducts #babyessentials #momslife #TadpolesBabyKids #mytadpoleshome
  • Using your exclusive discount code - this is the only way that orders which should be attributed to you can be tracked 

Content Requirements

  • At least 3 pictures per product received: 
    • Picture #1: Child with the product - focus on the child
    • Picture #2: Live interaction with the product - showing the utility of the product
    • Picture #3: Placement of the product - still picture of the product

*there are no required guidelines on how to use the pictures on your social media (please choose any 3 pictures of your preference)  The above required images would be featured by us.

  • A few sentences about the product itself - your feedback about the product
  • A few sentences about your little ones - gives us a little background, narrative, we love real stories
  • All 3 pictures must be shared with us within 15 day of receiving your collaboration products


Picture size : 3000 x 3000 dpi (must be good resolution)


  • Discount Code used 10 times or more (pending returned items): 4% Order Commission 
  • Discount Code used 20 times or more (pending returned items): 6% Order Commission 

Imagery & Video Permission 

As part of this collaboration, I grant Tadpoles the permission to use all related images shared by me on its website, social media, and marketing. I consent to this use, and understand that no additional or separate payment will be made to me for the use of these images, other than what I already received in product for this collaboration and any commission outlined above if applicable. 

Sleeping Partners International Inc. 140 58th Street Suite 3E, Building B Brooklyn, NY 11220 

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