Snoozebaby Stroller Toy, Sunshine

First row seating for the show: bells, crinkles, sunshine, a cloud and a rainbow. Lots to see, lots to touch and lots to play with. Perfect for use on a carseat or stroller. Easy to attach with Snoozebaby's unique clip and velcro closing. Based on the Snoozebaby concept of tactile stimulation, which was developed by the founder's quest to comfort her premature son, who suffered from Kiss syndrome. Playing with tags, which were attached to ultra-soft fabrics, relaxed and soothed the infant in a way other products had not.

  • Great entertainment: clouds, sun, rainbow
  • Sunshine with crinkle
  • 2 ways to attach this pramtoy: a unique Snoozebaby wooden clip and the velcro closing
  • Dutch-design

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