Moses Basket & Limited Edition Bedding

$ 69.99

Limited Edition Moses Basket Collection

Made In Brooklyn - Inspired by the world.

Our Moses Basket Limited Edition Collection was inspired by the most diverse city in the world! Fabrics from Africa, Asia Europe, and America make the perfect addition to any woke nursery. Moses baskets have a long history and serve as excellent first beds, keeping newborn babies comfortable and secure. Our exclusive Limited Edition bedding pairs perfectly with our Moses Basket to create a beautiful and unique gift for new moms and dads. Reusable as toy storage, nursery decor, and even for laundry, our Moses Basket will remind parents of those precious first months for many years to come. 

Please Note: The Moses Basket is NOT for carrying baby; make sure the baby is out of the basket before the basket is picked up or moved.

  • Measures: 33 x 10 x 14 inches, the measurements may vary slightly (1-2 inches) as these items are handmade.
  • Moses Basket Bedding Only Set includes padded bumper and a foam pad with a removable 100% cotton cover.
  • Moses Basket Set is a complete unit and includes the bedding set of padded bumper, foam pad with removable cotton cover, and the hand woven Moses Basket.
  • Basket is hand made from 100% all-natural woven palm leaves.
  • Bedding is 100% cotton with polyester fill and is machine washable.
  • Bedding can be removed as baby grows and basket can be used for storage of toys & books, or for laundry.
  • Perfect for newborns up to 3 months or 15 lbs. Babies over 3 months or 15 lbs should not use the Moses Basket.

Moses Basket Testing Certificate Moses Basket Testing Certificate

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