Tadpoles playmats are more than just a protective surface.  Our playmats come in a variety of colors, from neutral to bright primaries.  They can be helpful in stimulating a child with bright colors or provide a muted surface.  Wood grain and solid color playmats are favorites with everyone from home hobbiests to small businesses looking for a cushioned work surface for employees.  

Playmats are not just used by children and adults, but we also have many customers who buy them for their pets.  The paw print pattern is a favorite of pet owners, who want to provide a soft surface for their furry friends.  

For children the ABC playmats are also educational - learning and play go hand in hand. From dinosaurs, to trucks, trains, planes, elephants, teddy bears, hearts, and stars - we have a wide selection of fun graphics for your child.  

No matter what playmat you select, you can be assured it is safe.  Our playmats meet all guidelines and requirements.  See our certificates if you have a specific question - found on the home page.

Let's play! 

Moses Baskets

Tadpoles Moses Basket Cable Knit NaturalTadpoles Moses Basket Cable Knit NaturalTadpoles Moses Baskets are timeless, with similar baskets having been used for thousands of years.  It is a convenient place to provide a portable bed for baby without taking up a lot of room.  They are a stylish way of giving your baby a comfortable place to sleep.  This wonderful post by Caitlin Burm shows a beautifully designed nursery with a Tadpoles Moses Basket.  

After your baby has outgrown their Moses Basket, re-purpose it for storage.  It makes a good laundry basket, toy basket, or place to put magazines.  There are endless possibilities.  If you are planning a baby shower, a perfect gift is a Tadpoles Moses basket filled with things for the new baby.   

Our baskets are hand woven for us with Moroccan palm leaves.  Baskets are appropriate for new born babies up to 15 pounds or 3 months.  We also sew a limited edition set of Moses Baskets in our Brooklyn warehouse.  

Incidentally, many of our customers ask about a Moses Basket recall.  A few years ago we sourced a Moses Basket stand from another company.  There were some concerns raised about the stand so we discontinued the stand and continue to sell thousands of basket and bedding sets.  

Baby Gifts

Anticipating a baby is a wonderful life event.  Reduce your stress and allow those around you to show their support by setting up a list of things you need for your baby.

Tadpoles products make perfect baby gifts.  We have practical gifts for babies of all ages.  Baby showers are a popular way of celebrating not only the birth of the baby, but also with helping the new parents acquire all the many things needed for their baby.  

If you are planning a baby shower, or have friends who wonder what to buy for you and your baby, an excellent way to communicate this information is by setting up a list.  Many of the stores have baby registries that can be filled out, either on line or in the store.  Our products are featured with many retailers.  Amazon, Babies R'Us, Kohls, Target, Walmart and Wayfair, to name a few.  Each of these retailers have Tadpoles products and baby registries.  

Babylist is an independent on-line service that works across all retailers to enable you to create and disseminate a list.    

When you create a list, you are letting people know what you most need and desire.  There are many online sources to help you decide what you need.  Many blogs have helpful information about items for the new baby.  We like this web blog  Another helpful blog is Project Nursery.   

Enjoy planning for your baby!