Moses Baskets

Moses Baskets

Moses Baskets

Tadpoles Moses Basket Cable Knit NaturalTadpoles Moses Basket Cable Knit NaturalTadpoles Moses Baskets are timeless, with similar baskets having been used for thousands of years.  It is a convenient place to provide a portable bed for baby without taking up a lot of room.  They are a stylish way of giving your baby a comfortable place to sleep.  This wonderful post by Caitlin Burm shows a beautifully designed nursery with a Tadpoles Moses Basket.  

After your baby has outgrown their Moses Basket, re-purpose it for storage.  It makes a good laundry basket, toy basket, or place to put magazines.  There are endless possibilities.  If you are planning a baby shower, a perfect gift is a Tadpoles Moses basket filled with things for the new baby.   

Our baskets are hand woven for us with Moroccan palm leaves.  Baskets are appropriate for new born babies up to 15 pounds or 3 months.  We also sew a limited edition set of Moses Baskets in our Brooklyn warehouse.  

Incidentally, many of our customers ask about a Moses Basket recall.  A few years ago we sourced a Moses Basket stand from another company.  There were some concerns raised about the stand so we discontinued the stand and continue to sell thousands of basket and bedding sets.  

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