The 5 Perfect Holiday Gifts for the New Baby in Your Life

The 5 Perfect Holiday Gifts for the New Baby in Your Life


With the holidays fast approaching many of us are starting to write our list and check it twice for people we believe have been naughty or nice. And, although choosing between the perfect crock pot and knitting needles for grandma might be hard, deciding what to get the new baby in our life can throw even the savviest of shoppers off their game. Finding the perfect gift for your own bundle of joy, or the new baby in your family is key!

As a mother of an ever-changing seven year old, I have countless memories of getting rid of gift after gift that my baby never used. To avoid a season of “gift tossing” in your life, I have compiled a list of spectacular gift ideas that your baby will cherish for years to come.


1. Baby’s First Holiday

    A keepsake that commemorates this special holiday is not a new idea. Nonetheless, this classic gift embodies everything this season is about. Having a new baby allows you to start new traditions in your family. These traditions will be passed on through the years, and perhaps the generations to come. Look for ornaments or unique stockings and decorations that your baby can use, whether they are one or twenty one.
    2. Baby Play Mat
    My second and less traditional (but more fun!) new baby gift suggestion is a play mat. They are soft enough to use to play with a 3 month old while they lie on their back or stomach. Play mats are the perfect base for a baby to learn to crawl, or toddler to take their first steps without fear of falling and hurting themselves. And they are ideal for a colorful floor for a child’s room or playroom. Try to stick with an EVA mat, such as Tadpoles ABC Play Mat- it’s definitely a keeper in the gift category!
    3. Baby Book
      Books are the gift that keeps on giving. According to Dr. Marianella Casasola of Cornell University, babies that are read to from an early age develop language morphology, syntax, and semantics at an accelerated rate compared to babies who are not.  Not only does reading to a baby create a special bond between infant and parent, but it can provide a child with an added developmental advantage. I still own my favorite baby books, which I use to read to my daughter. The book you buy for your child today might be the book they read to their baby tomorrow.
           4. Organic Baby Clothing
        Although babies outgrow their clothing faster than a toddler can ruin a white carpet. Organic baby clothing and bedding can provide lifelong health advantages. Organic cottons are made without harmful chemicals and toxins. These toxins can irritate a new baby’s sensitive skin and when ingested can have adverse health effects. Products such as Tadpoles Organic Kimono Romper or Sleepgown are a perfect way to keep safe and not break the bank. In addition, using organic clothing, food, and toys can mold a child to be healthier and more conscious of what they consume. Organics are also better for the environment. What better gift for a new baby than a world that they can enjoy for years to come?
        5. Baby Blankets
          The last item on my list -  but most important -  is the baby blanket. A baby blanket, security blanket, or “blankie” is perhaps the most powerful weapon in a parent’s arsenal. It puts a new baby to sleep, is a great negotiation tool when dealing with the dreaded toddler temper tantrum, and is a  transitional object that holds a special place in the heart of any adult who had one as a child. Baby blankets helps a child deal with essential problems of separation. The “blankie” is a bridge between a parent and external world according to Alicia Lieberman, a leading expert in infant mental health. The key to picking out the perfect baby blanket is softness. My daughter’s blanket is the Tadpoles Ultra Soft Plush Baby Blanket.
          My go-to gift for any new baby in my life is the Tadpoles Fur Embossed Sherpa Backed Blanket, which is available in pink, blue, or green.

          When it comes to purchasing a holiday gift for a new cuddle bug, as long as it comes from the heart you can’t go wrong! I hope this list helped set your mind at ease and inspired a great gift idea. For additional tips, tricks, and how to’s subscribe to our newsletter.


          Good luck and happy hunting!

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